Re: Core Dump Trouble

On Mon, 6 May 2002, Kevin W. Thomas wrote:

> I have two workstations running LDM, and until recently, without problems.
> Both are similarly configured.  One workstation is starting to have core dumps
> every two to three days.  I've had "rpc.ldmd" dump core twice, and "dcuair"
> once.  In all three cases, the problem was a segmentation violation.  The
> second workstation isn't experiencing these problems.
> Unfortunately, the workstation that is causing me problems will be needed to
> be running 24/7 in the near future.
> Has anyone else seen a similar problem?
> Does anyone have any program/scripts that watches for LDM failures and
> restarts things?  If so, I'd be interested.

Hey Kevin,

What OS are you running, and are the machines fully patched?

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