Re: 20020422: SSEC Unidata machine down


All products from the University of Wisconsin feed are again being
distributed, but from a temporary backup machine.   1st level tiers,
currently pointing at our backup machine, will be notified when the
replacement machine is configured and ready.


Unidata Support wrote:
> All,
> We received the following status information on
> ------- Forwarded Message
> >To: Unidata Support <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >From: UW SSEC Data Center <datacenter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >Subject: SSEC Unidata machine down
> >Organization: Space Science Data Center
> >Keywords: 200204221912.g3MJCDa14192 IDD
> The SSEC Unidata product distribution machine,, is
> currently down with an apparent disk problem. There is no estimated up
> time at this point.
> ------- End of Forwarded Message
> Tom Yoksas
> Unidata User Support

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