LDM Problem?????

The ldm on aeolus.ucsd.edu appears to be up and running, but it is getting no data from thelma.ucar.edu. Don't know if the problem is on my end or in Boulder. Have run ldmping on thelma and gotten "RESPONDING".

Have tried the other sites that meteora.ucsd.edu used to get data from, but aeolus is persona non grata at those sites. Downstream sites who have alternates, especially alternates that don't feed from Boulder, should think about failing over.

Recently changed from motherlode to thelma per request of UPC and have had nothing but trouble since. Motherlode also reports "RESPONDING". Not sure if that is an aeolus or a thelma problem, have been unable to talk to anyone in Boulder to ask.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.  Will advise when/if aeolus gets well.


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