On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Paul L. Sirvatka wrote:

> I hope this list is the acceptable forum for this question. If not, please
> accept my apolgies in advance.
> I have been having trouble with ADDE servers especially from
> Has there been routing problems? Also...their satellite had been down for
> several hours today and many times throughout the last week or so. Of
> course, so was the unidata ADDE server.
> Is there a way to know which ADDE servers are down. I see much traffic
> that reports when LDM servers are down.
> Paul

The GOES satellite reception will be problematic over the next few weeks. 
First, there's a 3 hour mode where the sun shines right into the 
satellite "iris", so NESDIS shuts the bird off. Second, NOAAPORT goes down 
for about an hour each day for the next few weeks due to the related "sun 
outages" as well.

These messages have been sent regularly on NOAAPORT for the last 2 weeks. 
If they occur at the same time each day, that's probably what you're 

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