informational update

Downstream sites of

In response to the Morpheus, AudioGalaxy, and other file-sharing traffic 
that has overwhelmed our campus network in recent weeks, a new system has 
been put into place at NIU which regulates it. In addition to "narrowing 
the pipeline" to users in student housing, network traffic is now being 

I have filed a request to make my NOAAPORT feeds of the highest priority, 
both inbound and outbound. My request is being processed. Through Monday, 
there may be brief slowdowns in data as they find out how much I'm 
actually throwing through the pipes. Then, if my request is approved, no 
matter how saturated we get, downstream sites will always get a 
guaranteed stream from me. It may get behind in peak periods if the 
network is jammed, but you shouldn't lose anything if the request goes 

I'll keep you posted.

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