Re: Anybody have data from 6Z till 14Z ??


We have our own NOAAport system, so we have the data.  You can access
data from our site as follows:

NWSTG:      #for raw obs - sao, syn, mdr, rcm,
upa, etc. data      #primarily non-model forecast data     #model grb data

GOES-E and Composites:

GOES-W and Composites:

I'll keep these links active until I go home this evening.

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Daryl Herzmann wrote:
> Hi,
>         Sighhh, a lot of good my large queue LDM archive machine does when
> the data flow is dry.  Does anybody have the raw data from the outage time
> in an accessible location?  I desperately need the missing data...
> Thanks,
>   Daryl
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