I apologize if you don't want to see this, but I do know this will be of
interest to quite a few
of you.  Sun will begin shipping x86 based machines running Linux, and will
contributing to the Linux kernel.   This is good news for many people, you
can get high-quality, but fast x86 hardware (likely AMD), and Sun can bring
a more professional approach to Linux and solve some of it's stability, NFS,
and other problems.  

This is either a response to the uproar over the end of Solaris x86,
believe me there was an uproar, or this was the plan all along.

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> See the link above..the real reason Sun stopped Solaris x86..they are
> embracing Linux for the low-end
> AND will be selling their own x86 based machines (likely AMD) by mid-year:
> "Sun will ship for the first time a full implementation of Linux on a new
> line of general-purpose servers aimed at providing "edge" services to
> environments such as workgroups and remote offices. New single- and
> multiprocessor systems, to be announced mid-year, will use the x86
> architecture and be capable of running thousands of Linux applications
> natively."
> Also it appears they will actually try to get Linux up to Sun standards:
> *     Today, Sun released an application development tool, ABIcheck, to
> the Open Source community; the tool helps ensure compatibility between
> Linux releases. 
> *     In the future, Sun will offer contributions to the Linux kernel. 
> *     Sun will expand its partnerships with the Linux community to provide
> native support of Linux on SPARC systems for both the telecommunications
> and embedded markets. Companies such as SuSE and Lineo support Linux
> native on Sun's SPARC microprocessors today. 
> *     Lineo will adapt and support Lineo's Embedix embedded Linux
> operating system on UltraSPARC[tm] processor-based end user-developed
> custom hardware. 
> *     Sun will support its Linux products with a rich set of support and
> professional services. 
> *     Sun will support Linux on its key StorEdge[tm] line of storage
> systems and software. 
> *     GNOME, the most advanced Linux user environment, will become the
> preferred desktop for Solaris when GNOME 2.0 begins shipping later this
> year. 
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