Re: LDM Dies

>My ldm (running on keeps shutting down with the following 
>       Feb 05 22:59:41 aeolus rpc.ldmd[4244]: Terminating process group
>This is a complete shutdown.  There are no ldm owned process left in the 
>mix.  I bring it back on-line and it will work for a while.  Then it shuts 
>down again with the same message.
>I haven't a clue as to what is causing this.  All sites feeding from aeolus 
>should consider failing over to their alternate until this stops.  I have a 
>meeting to go to this evening (and six or seven hours worth of sleep) 
>during which I won't be able to monitor the ldm.
>UPC:  Anybody there able to help me?


In the last week, I've seen LDM mysteriously die on one Linux box.  I checked
system messages, and saw a logged "segmentation violation" from rpc.ldmd.
The same process was running on another Linux box with no problems, though
it wasn't processing exactly the same data.  Since "rpc.ldmd" is setuid
ROOT, I didn't get a core dump.

You might check your messages file (probably /var/adm/messages or
/var/log/messages) to see if something similar is logged.

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