Re: Solving Redhat 7.2 install problems


On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

> 1. When you log out as root for the first time using X windows, SAVE THE
> CONFIGURATION!!! You do that by checking a box on the logout panel
> that pops up. That was a major hang up for me. If you don't, at least
> on my monitor, X-windows wouldn't restart, no matter how many times I
> played with Xconfigurator or the XF86Config file.

Hmmm, don't recall seeing one of these options while logging off.  Maybe I
just didn't notice it.  However, I haven't had any problems with RH 7.2 X
windows logging on/off multiple times either.

> 2. After you install 7.2, Go to Redhat or a mirror site and download the
> new rhn_register and up2date programs. There will be two of each. Use
> "rpm -Fvh *.rpm" in the directory you put them in as root to install them.
> THEN, register it, (type "rhn_register") and then run up2date to get all
> the patches downloaded and installed.

I've heard of up2date but don't use it.  I typically go to the security
patches page and download the current patches and make a tar install set
which I then use on all my machines.  I'm also not familiar with

One piece of information you left out was what hardware you are running.
On my systems, I find RH 7.2 works on some and not others.  I have Compaq
ML330 and ML370 servers and RH 7.2 works without any hitches once properly
configured.  However, I tried installing it on my DeskPro EN systems and
it's unstable.  Either freezes or runs poorly under certain conditions
which appear to me to be a nework card driver problem (eepro100).
Interestingly, Compaq's web site says they've tested their servers under
RH 7.2 and support it (and it works) but for their EN desktops, they say
they've only tested and support RH 7.1.  Perhaps I should have read the
web page first!

> 3. When you log in as root, check the box to save the configuration when
> you log out under X windows!!! Just to be safe. After that, you're fine.
> Do those, and you'll have a happy RedHat 7.2 install.

                            Thanks for the observations...


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