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Hello all, crashed at 15:15Z today, and was brought back up at 
about 19Z after I had to do an e2fsck to clean out a mangled hard drive. 
I am wondering if anyone is having problems with crashes on RH 7.2? I am 
using kernel 2.4.2; 2.4.9-12 crashes upon reboot. Installing a single-cpu 
kernel "solves" the problem, but using a smp kernel is causing the 
problems, I think. I don't know; when it crashes, the error logs show 
nothing; the LDM logs show nothing unusual.

If this happens again, feel free to use; it is 
stable. I apologize for any inconvenience. Anyway, I also took advantage 
of the downtime to install MCIDAS-X 7.804 and the latest version of XCD.

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