• To: Robert Mullenax
  • Subject: Re: NOGAPS and COAMPS
  • From: Pat Fitzpatrick [mailto:fitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:47:49 -0600
If you are talking about, they have a replacement
server operational now with some of the datasets, but not the NOGAPS.
Luis Cano at NCEP says that there has not been a decision yet 
on putting NOGAPS on the new ftp server.

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I sent a request for access to the GOADE server for an LDM feed last week.
I have received no reply from the manager. Oregon State hasn't used the
LDM feed, but did notice problems with the ftp access to the same server
regarding missing NOGAPS data.

Pat Fitzpatrick

On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Robert Mullenax wrote:

> I was just wondering if anyone is getting the NOGAPS or COAMPS
> feed.  Is the NOGAPS  data in the feed the same as can be
> downloaded from NCEP?  Would the COAMPS feed cause bandwidth
> problems for us given we still have the regular IDD?  We
> are on a single T1.
> Thanks,
> Robert Mullenax

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