Hello LDM'ers,

Sorry I have been silent about this. It will become clear why in a moment.

About a week and a half ago, NIU had it's infamous fiber cut. So far as I 
know, restoration of the fiber will be completed tomorrow. BUT...

Last Wednesday, our main server, weather.admin, had an OS meltdown when a 
buggy Redhat 7.1 RPM managed to trash some of my system. I was in the 
process of upgrading to Redhat 7.2 last Wednesday to fix it, through the 
Internet. BUT...

Our primary ISP went down during my download, crashing my machine. I'm not 
sure if it's still having trouble. So, I asked, begged and pleaded with 
someone I knowat UIUC to send me 7.2 on CD's. I was going to install it 
from those on Monday. BUT...

On Monday I contracted a bad case of stomach flu which continues now, but 
not so bad that I can type out this letter now, thank goodness. SO...

Stay on your backups for now. When all the fiber is tied together, routers 
are put back together, and flu bugs are ridden, I'll let you know when to 
fail over.

In the meantime, I apologize for the very serious inconvenience to my 
downstream sites, and I can completely reassure you that I'd rather 
waterski in Lake Michigan in January than deal with my last 3 days here. 
Rest assured I am resting so that I can get back on my feet and get my 
side of things working ASAP.

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