Cornell's IDD site changing names

I have to change the domain name for the IDD relay at Cornell.

The new, fully qualified name is  The ip address is
staying the same.

The change will be submitted on Thursday, Dec. 6th and will probably be
propagated by early on Dec. 7th.

Can the top-level sites allow both and

Sites that feed from cornell can do one of a few things:
1.  Fail over to your backup until the new name stablizes and then
        change your request to
2.  Request from both names until the name stablizes.
3.  Temporarily hardcode the domainname/ip address in your /etc/hosts file.

Note that the old name will be aliased until the end of the year but
the idd will only work with the primary name.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

--Bill Noon
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Cornell University

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