Re: NNEXRAD Latencies? does indeed feed NNEXRAD from and we
are receiving it delayed from them.  Steve Chizwell mentioned this to me the
other day and said he was checking into it.

--david wojtowicz

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Hi Eric,

Like you, we feed from flood, and yes, we see the same latencies.
Top-level feed site looks to be  Last night
our stats file indicated latencies near 1 hour for HDS feeds emanating
from wunderground as well as NNEXRAD.  The HDS latency was transient,
but NNEXRAD is still slow as of this time.

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On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Eric Nelson wrote:

> We're feeding NNEXRAD and FNEXRAD from and seeing
> latencies of roughly an hour.  Is anyone else experience data lag for
> these feeds?
> -Eric
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