Re: Update on weather(3)

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Chris Novy wrote:

> That's what you get for using @Home to run the campus network. And I'll bet 
> the network is powered by Enron too!

Oh, you're just jealous because we had a great catered ice cream social 
today from Sam 'n Ella's!

By the's the word just in...ETA of repair to the 
cables...December *12th*!!! When I mean MASSIVE fiber/copper cut, I mean a 
MASSIVE cut! Until then, we are on a slow link to the 'net. They did tell 
me I could try to get my incoming feeds back, if the latencies aren't 
bad, but don't send any NOAAport feeds out until the cable is fixed.

So...stay over to your backups. They'll have to shut the entire network 
down to get the primary trunk back up again, and they can't do that until 
the 12th (which is about when all the new cable and hookups will finally 
be done).

I apologize for this terrible mess. Believe you me, there are going to be
people who will experience severe reparations for this. And I'm one of the 
lucky ones who still has a useable connection to the 'net!

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