Ship Obs

Has there been a change to the FOS data stream that I missed that affects the ship observations? Most of the observations no longer seem to be in the stream. I checked the change notices, but didn't see anything.

For example, on 21 Nov, we received 1366 SMxx reports. On 28 Nov, that dropped to 26 reports (see table).

              Header            21 Nov          28 Nov
                SIxx             553              12
                SNxx             960              32
                SMxx            1366              26

Whatever it was, it appears to have occurred at or about 00Z on 28 Nov. Here are my ship obs file sizes for the six days before and after the 27th:

                 1119016        011121.bbx
                 1110809        011122.bbx
                 1157980        011123.bbx
                 1110391        011124.bbx
                 1164305        011125.bbx
                 1102971        011126.bbx

                 1092059        011127.bbx

                   13724        011128.bbx
                   16763        011129.bbx
                   46534        011130.bbx
                  14527        011201.bbx
                   17674        011202.bbx
                  24223        011203.bbx

Strangely enough (for an "Institution of Oceanography"), we actually do use the ship obs extensively. Any assistance here will really be appreciated. (i.e., "Help!")


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