Re: new NOAAPORT NIDS products

Dr. Koermer,

Interesting approach; it would be a good mental game to see how much the SBN 
time differs from the internet provided atomic clock NTP.  

Certainly, NOAAPort receive paradigms differ from vendor to vendor - 
especially when it comes to injecting data from the SBN into an LDM.  One 
reason that our time stamps on some of the first NEXRAD products for a volume 
scan are the same as the header - i.e. a 1730Z product being completely 
written by 1730Z on the system - is that our LDM injection facility streams 
the data directly to the queue, as opposed to buffering and pqing'ing.  I 
can't say that one method is better than the other . . . just different.  It 
does help explain differences in latency, though, when troubleshooting larger 
issues external to the NOAAPort receiver - such as NCF uplink issues, 
internet drops on IDD, etc.

We've sufficiently beat that dead horse.


On Thursday 29 November 2001 22:16, Jim Koermer wrote:
> Stonie,
> We've got things reversed--our NTP server is the final receptor and our
> four NOAAport systems synch off that server. The times in our filenames
> are pulled right from the headers. The directory listing times are times
> that the files were received by the server. As I indicated, the NOAAPORT
> machine feeding the LDM on the server buffers the data in one minute
> files and then dumps the buffer files at one minute intervals for LDM
> ingest on the server. It seems to do this at 30 seconds after the
> previous minute's buffer has been built. Hence, the data actually do
> come in "at least" a minute (since seconds aren't recorded) earlier.
> It's certainly close enough to real-time for our purposes.
> We used to grab the data via NFS directly from the NOAAport ingestor,
> but our hard drives are now way too small to hold very much data because
> of the deluge from the new NIDS products, so we now move them over to a
> server where we have a large RAID system, which allows us to store all
> products from all the NIDS sites for a much longer period.
>               Jim
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