RE: new NOAAPORT NIDS products

This is normal.  You have to remember that these products are from a
volume scan.  The first tilt is done, and we get the N0R product.  Then
the next tilt finishes about a minute later and we get N1R.  Some
products require the full volume scan (all tilts) and thus will come out
4-6 minutes later.  These include echo tops (NET), precip (N1P/NTP) and
composite reflectivity (NCR).  Once the volume scan is complete, the
next begins.  So after you get these products (NET, NCR), you should get
another tilt one product shortly after (N0R).

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> I have a question about rhe new NOAAPORT NIDS products.  Is
> it normal for
> the
> new products to be 3-6 minutes old or do we have an I/O problem.
> The time stamp on the N0R files is only 1 minute older than
> the product
> time, but the other products like NET and N1P are 4-7 minutes old.
> Is this normal?  I have cut back the data we are writing to disk
> to just N0R,N0V,N0S,N1P,NTP,NET,NVL.
> Thanks,
> Robert
> Robert Mullenax
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