Re: NOAAPORT down?

SSEC had similar problems on Saturday morning.  Our ingestor
( continued to ingest, but at 11:22 UTC on
Saturday, the 2 pqing processes normally running, were not running. 
(The pqing processes read from the sdi ingestor fifos.)  We have a
cronjob that looks to see if these die, and if they do, it automatically
stops and restarts ldm.  After automatically restarting, we continued to
receive data, but we were no longer sending out NEXRAD data over the

This morning, when we saw that no NEXRAD data was being sent out, I once
again stopped the ldm, and remade the queue, and restarted ldm.  Still
no Nexrad data, although the other feeds seemed to be functioning
normally.   I finally rebooted the ingestor at (15:10 UTC), and now ALL
data appears to be flowing normally.


Robert Mullenax wrote:
> It may just be a coincidence, but our NOAAPORT box (an SSEC Gateway SDI)
> stopped ingesting data as well Saturday at about the same time.  Neither
> the McIDAS socket connections or the LDM were getting any daya.  I had to
> reboot
> as well.  I had never seen it do that before.
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> Subject: Re: NOAAPORT down?
> Hi Tom,
> > I haven't received any NOAAPORT data since 1425Z.  My upstream sites
> > aren't receiving any either.  Is any one else still getting data?
> We just restarted the LDM on the ingest machine that feeds NOAAPORT
> products to  We're still investigating why this
> previously reliable system (120 days uptime before Saturday) has now
> stopped ingesting NOAAPORT data twice in the last 48 hours.  Until we
> find the problem and fix it, we'll be monitoring it closely and
> restarting when necessary.  It seems to be running OK right now.
> --Russ
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