20011124: motherlode again receiving NOAAPORT data

>From:  "Robert Leche" <rleche@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization:  LSU
>Keywords:  200111241557.fAOFvLN05885 IDD LDM motherlode NOAAPORT

Robert, et. al.,

>LSU has experienced a total loss of  LDM feed data. The LDM stream data
>stopped Saturday at 10:00 hours.
>Current status:
>All systems at LSU are on line. Internet connections to Internet 1 and 2 are
>The NOAA port is receiving carrier from the satellite.
>Streams from IDD and  the NOAA port data stopped.
>Anyone else experiencing this problem?

The NOAAPORT ingest maching that feeds motherlode conventional, model,
and NEXRAD data stopped ingesting data this morning.  A reboot of the
machine at 0Z has restored its feed to motherlode which, in turn,
is feeding a number of IDD sites.

Sorry I didn't catch this one sooner...

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