Re: no nexrad or motherloade


I haven't seen any data loss today on our NOAAPORT system--I think the
problem is in Boulder. In the meantime, you can access any of the six
NOAAPORT NEXRAD products from our sites:



The latter site provides larger images and is set up for the 17 NOAAPORT
NEXRAD products (currently only available for MRX), but other sites are
supposed to start transmitting the 11 additional products before the end
of the month.

These data are available for access immediately upon receipt--basically

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bgwhite@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I haven't gotten any NEXRAD data since around 10z this morning.
> Looked on motherlode's web site and it doesn't have data since then
> either.
> Now, in the past 20 minutes, I've lost all data comming from
> motherlode and fallback site.  I am getting lightning data,
> nogaps and data from various NWS sites.
> Wondering what is up?
> Bryan