20011108: NOWRAD on noaaport IDD?

>From:  "Neil R. Smith" <neils@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization:  TAMU
>Keywords:  200111081820.fA8IKb104768 NOAAPORT NEXRAD WSI


>We were getting a couple of products from our old WSI service
>and I'd like to know if they're available on the NWS NOAAPORT
>IDD feed. The products were of NOW or NOWRAD feed type and 
>the product names were:
>Are these available, and what are their feed type and product

No, these are products that WSI creates from individual station
products.  They are still available from WSI if you want ton contract
with them.

>Thanks, -Neil
>Neil R. Smith, Comp. Sys. Mngr.                neils@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Dept. Atmospheric Sci., Texas A&M Univ.        979/845-6272 FAX:979/862-4466

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