Re: Fail overs during motherlode shutdown

 Hi David,

 But, thelma feeds from motherlode.  Yours is one of the sites that we
 identified as definately having a problem.  (I guess this shows that my
 message was not clear enough.)  You should feed from Daryl's ldmarchive

Hi David,

[BACKPEDAL] We just rethought the thelma thing, and now have thelma
feeding from ldmarchive.  So, in theory you should be ok feeding from
thelma, although there is a possibility of a, hopefully, temporary
network outage here at UCAR.

Umm.. you don't actually expect me to read messages carefully do you? :-)
OK, I was just assuming that since themla was not part of the power outage, it'd be feeding from somewhere else. In any event, squall is now feeding from ldmarchive.

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| Department of Atmospheric Sciences Computer Services
| University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
| email: davidw@xxxxxxxx  phone: (217)333-8390

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