Re: Fail overs during motherlode shutdown

On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, David Wojtowicz wrote:

> >  Hi David,
> >
> >  But, thelma feeds from motherlode.  Yours is one of the sites that we
> >  identified as definately having a problem.  (I guess this shows that my
> >  message was not clear enough.)  You should feed from Daryl's ldmarchive
> >  machine,
> >
> >Hi David,
> >
> >[BACKPEDAL] We just rethought the thelma thing, and now have thelma
> >feeding from ldmarchive.  So, in theory you should be ok feeding from
> >thelma, although there is a possibility of a, hopefully, temporary
> >network outage here at UCAR.
> >
> Umm.. you don't actually expect me to read messages carefully do you? :-)
> OK, I was just assuming that since themla was not part of the power 
> outage, it'd be feeding from somewhere else.   In any event, squall 
> is now feeding from ldmarchive.

And I think you're all wild and crazy! :-) However, what David doesn't 
know is that NIU will have it's main Internet connection cut for 
maintenance from 6Z-11Z Sunday morning. Thankfully, we have Genuity as a 
second line, so we will be fine. There might be a minor latency problem, 
but I think we'll be OK.

(Of course, now that I have got David's curosity going full tilt, it's ICN 
that is upgrading it's routers and equipment Sunday morning.)

Bottom line: everything's cool.

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