Re: new NOAAPORT NIDS products

  • To: Robert Mullenax
  • Subject: Re: new NOAAPORT NIDS products
  • From: Tim Alberta [mailto:alberta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
  • Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:07:53 -0600
Well, it's finally there now.  Thanks for the help everyone.


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I had to add some stuff to pqact.conf - I was only asking for SDUS5. ,
so I added SDUS2. , SDUS3. , and SDUS7. ,that allowed this radar stuff
to start showing up.

You might want to find out exactly what you're turning on though, I'm
not sure I needed to enable all three  (let me know)...

Tim Alberta

Robert Mullenax wrote:
> The latest admin message regarding the release of new NIDS products
> onto NOAAPORT says that the new 11 products are already being transmitted
> for MRX..but I don;t see that here.  I just have the same 6 products in
> directory.  My pqact.conf entry is wide open for the NEXRAD data.
> Is anyone getting the additional products?
> Thanks,
> Robert
> Robert Mullenax
> Weather Systems Administrator
> Universal Weather and Aviation

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