Thanks for the feedback, I might be able to disable one of them. However, I
have an older single processor RS/6000 and the
loadavgs etc are just as high.  Hopefully some playing around will solve
it, or yet another $45,000 RS/6000 will have to be replaced
by a $1800 Linux box :-)



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                    10/30/2001 01:14         Subject:     Re: LDM & AIX         

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Michael W Dross wrote:


> Not sure if anybody is out there still running on the AIX RS/6000
> platform...
I was until last month, on a uniprocessor, 3BT (~1992 vintage).
> I have a fairly expensive, dual cpu RS/6000 43P, which is about 2 years
> old, and it is having a terrible
> time running the LDM software.  I am  running AIX 4.3.

I did have load issues, but I attribute that to the slowness of the

> -The rpc.ldmd processes each are consuming around  5% to 10% of the
> processors time.

My machine became quite loaded down in the last few years, and this is
about what I saw.
> -The load averages runs between 5 and 8. I compiled LDM on this machine.

Same, but you shouldn't see this on such a new machine.

> The system does very little else, other than run the LDM. Below is the

I'm pretty sure I was running AIX 4.3 on that machine.  Just a guess, but
perhaps something is up with the dual processors.  Can you disable one and
run the ldm?   I don't know what else to say.



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