Linux LDM implementations.

I believe you will find LDM issues to be kernel independent and more likely 
distro dependent.  It's not necessarily the kernel that will cause problems, 
but the gcc/glibc implementation of the distro vendor, and whether due 
diligence was done to make sure all aspects of the distro share the same 
libs.  We are on a home grown Linux distro (PDI GalileoLinux), running the 
Linux 2.4.12 kernel.  On an SMP, I'm running _all_ four channels of NOAAPort 
through a single LDM . . . NWSTG, both GOES, and the DCP channel . . . and 
using the box to run 8 open NMAP2 sessions (hey - I like to electronically 
chase), Garp, netscape, NWX, and proprietary tools.  Here is my "w":

  7:54pm  up 3 days, 35 min,  3 users,  load average: 0.50, 0.43, 0.39

". . . when the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems begin to look 
like nails."
Stonie R. Cooper,
Science Officer
Planetary Data, Incorporated
3495 Liberty Road
Villa Rica, Georgia  30180
ph. (770) 456-0700; pg. (888) 974-5017; fx. (770) 459-0016

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