Missing Antarctic Composites and upcoming web outage

Since 13 October 2001 AMRC's Antarctic infrared composites have been
missing at either 3, 6, 9 or 12 UTC.  These missing composites are due to a
flaw in the software and dissruptions to network connectivity during
eclipse season.  A fix is being working on to improve this issue.  As an
important note, these outages of data have not affect anyone using our new
water vapor composites.

Additionally, the Division of Information Technology at the University of
Wisconsin has imformed us that tomorrow Wednesday 24 October from 11:00 UTC
to 12:30 UTC there will be no access to any web sites on the UW campus.
Other services such as ADDE, FTP, etc. will not be affected.



Matthew Lazzara - Meteorologist - Antarctic Meteorological Research Center
925 Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences      http://amrc.ssec.wisc.edu
Space Science and Engineering Center           E-mail: mattl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
University of Wisconsin-Madison                      Phone: (608) 262-0436
1225 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706             Fax: (608) 263-6738

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