Re: OK, this is interesting...

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
> is back up on the old kernel. It is very apparent
> that the latest SMP kernel release from Redhat yesterday, version 2.4.9-6,
> hates the LDM. The non-SMP version is cool with it. Under the new
> SMP (more than one processor) kernel, the LDM, once started, just
> continually uses the disk drive. Very weird. The load average on my
> machine then rockets up to 10. On the non-SMP machine it stays at a solid
> .40, and the disk drive reads/writes as normal. When I switched back to
> the old (2.4-3) kernel on my dual processor machine, all was fine.
> Should I email Redhat or the support folks@UNIDATA, or both? Well, UNIDATA
> support is getting this, so half of my question is answered... :-)
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Hi Gilbert,

We don't yet have the hardware/software combination necessary to test
this yet, but presumably we will some time in the future. 

Did you rebuild the LDM?

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