OK, this is interesting...

Weather.admin.niu.edu is back up on the old kernel. It is very apparent 
that the latest SMP kernel release from Redhat yesterday, version 2.4.9-6, 
hates the LDM. The non-SMP version is cool with it. Under the new 
SMP (more than one processor) kernel, the LDM, once started, just 
continually uses the disk drive. Very weird. The load average on my 
machine then rockets up to 10. On the non-SMP machine it stays at a solid 
.40, and the disk drive reads/writes as normal. When I switched back to 
the old (2.4-3) kernel on my dual processor machine, all was fine.

Should I email Redhat or the support folks@UNIDATA, or both? Well, UNIDATA 
support is getting this, so half of my question is answered... :-)

Gilbert Sebenste                                                     ********
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