large queue sizes

  Hi all,

  This afternoon, I compiled a 64-bit version of LDM 5.1.4 on on SGI
Origin 200 machine, running the latest version of IRIX.  After compiling
and installing, I tried setting the queue size to 4GB in the "ldmadmin"
script - and tried making a queue using "ldmadmin mkqueue".  For some
reason, the program will only make a 1GB queue, and nothing larger.  The
Unidata web page concerning large LDM queue sizes didn't discuss any
other needed changes to the code besides 64-bit compiling.

  I may be missing something there anything I need to do? 
Thanks for any help or information!


Jason J. Levit, N9MLA                   Research Scientist,
jlevit@xxxxxx             Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
Room 1022                              University of Oklahoma

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