RE: Pentium IV

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Robert Mullenax wrote:

>  I would be that the Athlon would work just fine with LDM/McIDAS/GEMPAK
> as long as the OS support was there.  I know a lot of Solaris Intel folks
> are using the single CPU Athlons with great success (not Unidata
> stuff, just in general).
> The PC side of our company is Dell only, so I'll have to see
> about the Athlon.  Obviously this might be something we'd build
> ourselves if we went that way.

I'd love to see an Athlon 2 GHZ chip. If it goes by the time I get my $ to
purchase the machine, I'll go for it for sure! Right now, I'm just
thinking over everything that people have said here so far.

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