Pentium IV

I do not want to start a Intel vs AMD war here, but from our testing
with many of our numerical codes we conclude the following.

 An AMD Athlon 1.3 Ghz with conventional PC133 SDRAM memory
 is about 10% faster than a Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz with RDRAM on existing code.
 Adding DDR RAM to the Athlon configuration can improve things further.

This is with many floating point calculations.  The Athlon has a better
floating point engine inside.   The P4 may be able to do better but it
requires one to use the special new P4 only instructions, which all
existing compiled code does not use.  Presently only the compilers from
Intel generate this code.  We were unable to make their beta FORTRAN
work and therefore could not compare it.

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I was just wondering if anyone is running a Pentium IV
with the LDM/decoders or McIDAS/GEMPAK, any Unix OS Linux,
Solaris, BSD.  I understand the SPEC numbers for the P4 are
unrealistic because of special libraries Microsoft/Intel/Dell
used.  Something general, like it's twice was fast as a 933Mhz PII,
or Ultra 60.,.etc would be fine.  Some hard numbers would be welcome
as well.

I also want to apologize for starting the OS discussion the other
day.  It was the wrong place and wrong time.  As some of you know
I have serious concerns about people being forced into a Windows/Linux
only world (especially in research/university environments which I am still
part of)...and point out alternatives whenever I can..still that
was wrong the other day and I apologize to Daryl and everyone else.

Robert Mullenax