Pentium IV

I was just wondering if anyone is running a Pentium IV
with the LDM/decoders or McIDAS/GEMPAK, any Unix OS Linux,
Solaris, BSD.  I understand the SPEC numbers for the P4 are
unrealistic because of special libraries Microsoft/Intel/Dell
used.  Something general, like it's twice was fast as a 933Mhz PII,
or Ultra 60.,.etc would be fine.  Some hard numbers would be welcome
as well.

I also want to apologize for starting the OS discussion the other
day.  It was the wrong place and wrong time.  As some of you know
I have serious concerns about people being forced into a Windows/Linux
only world (especially in research/university environments which I am still
part of)...and point out alternatives whenever I can..still that
was wrong the other day and I apologize to Daryl and everyone else.

Robert Mullenax