RE: LDM Archive Machine

Hey gang,

> > Not to pick on Gilbert,
> > he's been a great help to me over the years, but his LDM just crashed
> > again..he hates Solaris but I am 99.9% sure these bouts he has would
> > go away if he'd switch.

Actually, 99.9% of my bouts would stop if I knew what I was doing
sometimes. :-( It appears as though operator error was to blame here.
I munged my portwrapper, and I'm still not sure how!

> Linux may be a little green yet, but, in my opinion, it's poised soon to
> be the OS of choice for server systems.  Our ldm relay system (no
> decoding) is RedHat 7.1 with LDM 5.1.3 and it NEVER quits.  Runs
> flawlessly (ignoring configuration issues).  I also have a second system
> running RedHat 7.0 that does decoding and file serving.  It too runs
> nearly flawlessly (I can think of one case where it had a problem a couple
> months ago that required a reboot, but it's also 7.0... I need to
> upgrade).  I'm sure Gilbert's problems will be found to be some subtle
> configuration issue or perhaps a hardware issue,


>  but I don't believe Linux is fundamentally the problem.  Regarding
> Solaris, at this point I'd never
> go back.  Solaris is solid but, in my opinion, it's falling behind in
> development and overall utility.

Absolutely. Our Geography department here couldn't run some program on
Solaris anymore, so they ditched it and went to a Windows-based program (I
didn't make that call...I'd far rather have Solaris than that!).
Anyway...I'm still learning, but that's what emergency backups are for.
If it works on the backup and doesn't on the primary, I have the backup!

For the record, Solaris isn't bad...but I think Linux is much better in
terms of timeliness of patches (depends on vendor, granted), updates and
evolution. Linux is getting better and better, whereas Solaris is

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