20010911: Goes-8 (EASTL/EASTS) signal degraded

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>Subject: Goes-8 (EASTL/EASTS) signal degraded and not MET-7 since 1900 UTC
>Organization: Space Science Data Center
>Keywords: 200109112210.f8BMAn100412


GOES-8, which is the EAST bird, is currently giving degraded data, since
about 2100 UTC.  I called SOCC Central and they tell there is an unknown
problem that is being looked at. So it is unknown when that problem will
be resolved.

Also, we have not received any MET-7 data since the 1900 UTC.  According
the Wallops there is a power outage off the shore and there is no word
when transmission will resume.

Douglas Ratcliff
SSEC Data Center            Email:  datacenter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
UW Madison                  Web:    http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/datacenter
1225 W. Dayton              Phone:  (608) 262-0502
Madison, Wisconsin 53706    Fax:    (608) 263-6738

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