UW-Madison (including AOS and SSEC) will be off the network for somewhere
between 20 minutes and 4 hours beginning around 3 AM CST (08 UTC).

They're doing a semi-emergency router upgrade in anticipation of
the impending flood of data when classes begin again Tuesday.

Sounds like it shouldn't be a real long outage, but anyone feeding
from or might want to fail over 
until things are up and running tomorrow.


------- Forwarded Message

Sender: owner-uw-netfolks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Time:  3AM to 7AM

On Friday, 31 August 2001, the campus network Internet connection will
be temporarily interrupted to put a new, higher capacity router into
We have scheduled 4 hours for doing this.  In reality we expect the outage
to last less than 20 minutes.

The reason for doing this so quickly is because our current peering router
will not be able to handle the load we expect to see and it's already
ramping up
quickly.  We've had several short outages due to processing overload on the
peering router in the past 2 weeks.

We apologize for the short notice, this will make our Internet connection
more reliable and also give us some breathing room to accommodate additional
bandwidth as we purchase it and bring it on line.

Thank you.
Robert Lee
DoIT Network Services

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