Re: Gempak build with PGI compilers

Niel, et al,

I can't speak to compiling the GEMPAK code, but I've used the Portland
Group compilers for uniprocessor and multiprocesor support and found
them to work very well.  I'd be surprised if there's problems.

Robert Mullenax wrote:
> "Neil R. Smith" wrote:
> Neil,
> I don't know about the Portland compilers but we built GEMPAK on our Sun
> E6500
> (12 CPUs) with the Sun FORTE -xparallel option and it ran slower than a
> version
> compiled with standard optimization.  Which leads to be believe GEMPAK
> is not
> parallelized.  Can someone confirm or deny this?  Has anyone benefitted
> on GEMPAK with multi-CPUs?
> > Has anyone had success building the gempak package using the
> > Portland group compilers? And on a dual cpu box using the SMP
> > options? If so, what were your experiences?
> > Thanks, -Neil
> >
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