So, how do you like your justice?

OK, after perhaps unfairly saying that SSEC would get knocked off because
of severe weather, I must say it is very difficult typing this message
with my foot stuck firmly in my mouth. At 10:02 PM (3:02 GMT/Z), NIU's
OC-3 connection went south and blew US off the air...for a whopping 30
seconds. Our hibernating backup fractional DS-3 connection (15 mb/sec)
jumped online 30 seconds after the OC-3 went down automatically. No
students are in the dorms until tomorrow, so the data--I HOPE--should be
going out reasonably timely. But, the LDM logfiles for my downstream
sites probably got a ton of error messages from this. Sorry for the
inconvenience. There will be another brief interruption when it comes
back. After checking COD and UIUC, their T-3s and OC-3s are still up, so
it is something at NIU. Our Netops is still open, so I'll give 'em a
jingle. If your data is delayed, feel free to go to a backup site. I'm
sure we'll be back up in full sometime by morning.

Sorry for any problems, or as I say, "ahhh phllll hrrrrteee
seeeleeey!". I mean (takes foot out) "I feel pretty silly!".

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