Pattern Matching/Saving to Lower Case


I'm now capturing NIDS data via ldm from one of my NOAAPORT systems and
my pqact.conf entry is as follows:

# Store NIDS radar
ANY     ^SD..5. .(...) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-5][0-9]).*
        STDIOFILE       /huge/nids/\1/(\2:yy)(\2:mm)\2\3\4_\5.nid

This is working and giving me headers under a given station's directory

0108211917_NCR.nid      0108211917_NVL.nid      0108211922_N0S.nid
However, I'd like to have all product type letters in lower case, e.g.

0108211917_ncr.nid      0108211917_nvl.nid      0108211922_n0s.nid

Is there an easy way to do this way to make with pattern matching? I
can't seem to put my finger on anything in searching the ldm archives or
site manager's guide.


James P. Koermer             E-Mail: koermer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Professor of Meteorology     Office Phone: (603)535-2574
Natural Science Department   Office Fax: (603)535-2723
Plymouth State College       WWW:
Plymouth, NH 03264

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