UW-Madison "Genuine Imitation DIFAX outage"


UW-Madison created DIFAX-replacement maps have not been transmitted
since some time on August 10th or so.

I didn't realize that we weren't sending them out, since I just
print mine as I make them, w/o relying on the maps going over the

The problem was that I moved my ldm.pq to a different (larger) disk,
and neglected to realize that all of my pqing statements for the maps
would continue putting them in the old, unused (and not deleted) queue
in ~ldm/data/ldm.pq.

I have just fixed it I think, (oh the magic of symbolic links) and will
rebroadcast this AM's models and upper air analyses, as well as todays
surface maps.  Everything else should pick up as usual.

Please, if you notice that the UW DIFAX feed goes down, feel free to
email me (poker@xxxxxxxxxxxx) to let me know. As I mentioned, we don't
print the maps coming through the feed, I just print the postscript
files directly (right before they get sent out), so if there is an IDD
issue I probably won't know unless someone tells me.

Sorry for the outage, now back to your regularly scheduled overcast.


^ Pete Pokrandt                    V 1447  AOSS Bldg  1225 W Dayton St^
^ Systems Programmer               V Madison,         WI     53706    ^
^                                  V      poker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       ^
^ Dept of Atmos & Oceanic Sciences V (608) 262-3086 (Phone/voicemail) ^
^ University of Wisconsin-Madison  V       262-0166 (Fax)             ^

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