Power outage at UW-Madison


A power outage took out much of UW-Madison around 5 AM CST this

Our net group is having some router problems still, things should
be coming up soon.

This affected feeds from sunset.meteor.wisc.edu, profhorn.meteor.wisc.edu,
mapmaker.meteor.wisc.edu, and all SSEC machines as well.

Figures, I'm leaving on vacation this morning until Sunday.

Things seem to be mostly up now on the .meteor.wisc.edu side, anything
that fails will likely have to wait until Sunday night or Monday.


^ Pete Pokrandt                    V 1447  AOSS Bldg  1225 W Dayton St^
^ Systems Programmer               V Madison,         WI     53706    ^
^                                  V      poker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       ^
^ Dept of Atmos & Oceanic Sciences V (608) 262-3086 (Phone/voicemail) ^
^ University of Wisconsin-Madison  V       262-0166 (Fax)             ^

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