Re: pqact.conf: output METAR in individual station files?


  Use the pqsuft utility already in the LDM.  This breaks up bulletins 
METARs into individual "bulletins", one "bulletin" per METAR.  You can then
FILE the metars by ICAO ID.  

To do this,  add a line like this to you ldmd.conf file

   exec    "pqsurf -p ^(S[APX]) -Q /home/ldm/data/pqsurf.pq -d /home/ldm 

and then create a pqsurf.conf file that has an entry something like:

   WMO     ^(metar|speci) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])  FILE  

Which creates files named <YYYYMMDD>.<ICAO>.metar.

You will need to create a pqsurf product queue using "ldmadmin mksurfqueue".

Peter Neilley

> Hi,
> I want to put METAR reports in individual (text) station files, e.g. have one
> file for each station reporting a METAR (or SPECI). Is it possible? Or does
> anybody have written a script or a program to do that?
> Thanks,
> Christian Page