We have been having some problems with random freezes on This affects all who are feeding
the NEXRAD or NMC2 feeds through it.  It also affects the DIFAX
feed, since all the maps are created using data residing on

This has happened on occasion in the past, but since moving the
machine to a new location last week, it has been occuring almost
daily. The latest crash happened around 06 UTC last night, and
was down until about 15:45 UTC today.

I'm kind of baffled, there are no error messages at all to explain what
is going on, just a still humming but dead to the world computer, with
a black monitor. I know usually in that situation it's bad memory,
but some memory tests I ran found no problems. I just pulled open the
machine and reseated all the cards and memory, we'll see if that does

If not, I'll have to come up with an alternate solution.

I guess the point of this email is to apologize to our downstreams 
for all the lost data, and to give a heads-up that it may continue
to go down, so you may want to switch to an alternate feed if possible
until things stabilize. 

Here's hoping the reseating did some magic..

Any wisdom about things to try would be welcome. It's a dual PII 233 
machine with 256 Mb EDO RAM, and lots of SCSI disk space.


^ Pete Pokrandt                    V 1447  AOSS Bldg  1225 W Dayton St^
^ Systems Programmer               V Madison,         WI     53706    ^
^                                  V      poker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       ^
^ Dept of Atmos & Oceanic Sciences V (608) 262-3086 (Phone/voicemail) ^
^ University of Wisconsin-Madison  V       262-0166 (Fax)             ^

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