new GEMPAK version and decoders

  Hi all,

  I just switched over from Gempak 5.4 to the last version (5.6.c1, I
think?), and I'm seeing some weird problems with the new deocders. 
"dchrly" became "dcmetr", and I followed the example pqact.conf file on
the Unidata web page to make the necessary changes.  Now, when real-time
METAR data comes in, hardly any of it ends up in the GEMPAK file.  I
would say only about 5% of the METARs we had before are saved.  What's
changed?  Does anyone know why I suddenly can't see the entire data

  Thanks for any info!


Jason J. Levit, N9MLA                      Research Scientist,
jlevit@xxxxxx                Center for Analysis and Prediction of
Room 1022                                 University of Oklahoma