Linux, Solaris, and NT

One thing to remember with Linux...It is also a new kid on the block.  It
has only been around for aprox 8 years.  It , like NT, needs many
improvements.  For example, a standard would be nice.

I get tired of Red Hat's circular dependences on the rpms, and the installer
that installs packages that I told it not to.  Although Red Hat has done a
great deal to push Linux into the spot light, they seem to be doing a lot to
hurt Linux.  I would venture to say, they are probably the biggest problem
with Linux today.

If your tired of Red Hat, try another distribution.  I liked slackware when
I needed a Unix type OS.  It is the "true" Linux, and has been around the

As far as NT being stable, I would seriously doubt it will ever become as
stable as a Unix box.  Mainly because of its design.  It allows none trusted
programs to access trusted (OS) memory space, which is very dangerous.  NT,
however, does have it brighter points, GUI, file system recovery, ease of
use, etc.

I like it, except for the Sun compilers.  They are very hard to use, and
quite frankly sometimes don't do what you tell them to.

My 2 cents.
Brad Teale
Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.
713-944-1440 ext. 3623

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