Re: The end of IDD?!!

At Rutgers, I have heard others here make a simple threat to buy their own T1/T3 line and fight hard to get back their overhead and these grumblings have gone away. With our campus rewiring project going full tilt, our new LDM server will have a direct gigabit connection to the core. Thanks to Sun for its recent buy 1 get 1 free sale and we can afford to do these things.

My concern is what small schools that we feed downstream do. Right now, IDD is second only to network news at Rutgers. Telecommunications here at RU understands our IDD needs, but this traffic must completely inundate smaller schools. And I am assuming that these schools don't have $30K to toss toward their own NOAAport system.

At what point will IDD grow data-wise where it will only be affordable to departments with big budgets and the leverage to argue against any usage cost system?


At 01:48 PM 4/28/2001 -0400, Bob Broedel wrote:

I have not actually seen it in print, but I think campus
telecom administrators here at Florida State University are
planning to (someday) charge so much per network outlet also.
One can see this trend by observing their daily activities,
and it appears that even the lowest level telecom/backbone
folk have been to some kind of a "cadre school" that prepares
them about dealing with us (future) victims.

It would be kind of like the campus telephone service is now,
a monthly "cash cow" for one sector (telecom) of the administration.

But as some of us see it, our department brings money to the
university by way of research grants, etc. and with a big
chunck of that money (off the top) going to the university to
pay for "infrastructure" expenses. So some of us think that this
means we have already payed for network connectivity to the

Thus charging us per network outlet would be the second time we
will be paying for this service.

Am I crazy, or are there other MET departments that see it this
way also ... that charging per network outlet is unjust to those
departments that bring significant external funding to the

Yours, Bob Broedel FSU MET

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