RE: debate over Linux and Solaris

I didn't think that my general statements about Linux and Solaris would
be used as an endorsement of a commercial NOAAPORT system.  From what
I've heard, the Planetary Data systems is a great system and I wasn't
trying in any way to degrade the PDI system because it runs on Linux.  I
only mentioned our two systems because someone had mentioned PDI as a
NOAAPORT vendor and I wanted to make sure Unisys was mentioned as well.
Actually, I was trying to plug both...

The reliability issue depends on the application.  On that note, I think
Linux is just as reliable as Solaris but I've had reliability issues
with both.  But these reliability issues seem to affect different
applications in different ways.  For example: my web server. We first
set up the web server as a Solaris x86 system and ran Apache.  During
the 13 months this system was up, there was only one reboot and that was
for a power outage in the facility the system was located.  During the
18 months since we moved the web server to Linux (RH 6.0 and then 6.2),
we've had over a dozen system crashes.  These have related to known bugs
in the kernel relating to NFS and bad sector IO.  Upgrading the kernel
has helped but it hasn't totally solved the crashes.  Also, we've had
some serious problems with IDE disk contention.  On Solaris, high disk
loads seem to be handled better. I've pounded a couple of Solaris x86
systems with NFS IO with little or no disk contention problems.  With
Linux, we've had contention problems where a 1MB tar file can take 2
seconds to untar and then 10 seconds later, it can take over 30 seconds.
We may be expecting too much out of IDE systems.  In early versions of
Linux (6.0 was a good example) swapping applications was much slower
than what I saw from Solaris.  This was only an issue at high CPU
utilization and its been less of an issue with recent Linux releases.

On the other hand, I've had 3 GIF generators running using RH 6.0 for
over a year with no problems or need for reboot.  They crank out GIFs
with no problems.  The only hang-up is when the web server computer
crashes but I can recover from this in Linux.  I like the array of
system tools with Linux and its extensive error logging (syslog).  But
then maybe I just don't know how to get similar logging with Solaris.

Overall, I've been quite happy with Linux and use it for development and
we use it internally in many areas.  I'm just saying that no OS is
perfect and each has its plusses as well as minuses.  I'm not saying
that our Unisys NOAAPORT system is better because we run Solaris.

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