Re: The end of IDD?!!

On Saturday 28 April 2001 23:38, Dan Vietor wrote:
>> deletia >>
> It sounds like issues over paying for bandwidth are being reintroduced.
> This doesn't surprise me as universities are spending more and more
> money on Internet bandwidth.  Its not like the cost of a Mbit/sec in
> bandwidth has gone down in recent years.

Is it possible that this issue may evaporate with the implementation of 
Internet2 (Abielene)?  I know from reading up on CRAFT, that the potential 
for Internet2 is promising for high bandwidth needs.  Anyone at the 
universities that have access to Internet2 have any comments?

>> deletia >>
> If anyone has questions about NOAAPORT systems, I'll be glad to answer
> what I can.

I, too, will be glad to answer any questions specific to a PDI (Planetary 
Data) system or NOAAPort in general.  A good point to make, though, is that 
NOAAPort is very much a dynamic entity when it comes to a product catalog.  
As the NOAA tests bandwidth and AWIPS compatibility . . .  data types come 
and go.  Just a few weeks ago, we were blessed with a couple of NOGAPS grib 
messages - then they were gone.  For three days, we got to play with 
additional NEXRAD data types - until an implementation caused the effort to 

Personally, I look forward to the day of NEXRAD Level II delivery via a GOES 
platform - along with redundant NOAAPort birds.
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