Re: The end of IDD?!!

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, David Wojtowicz wrote:

> Buried deep in a newsletter from our campus communications service office,
> I found a reference to a proposed "funding plan" for campus networking
> services.   It almost looked too boring to bother typing in the URL to learn
> more.   I'm glad I did though!   Actually, not glad at all.  What I
> found was a proposal to start charging departments for the
> internet traffic they use (in addition to monthly charges per network
> jack, IP address and other things)

First of all, at NIU, this is in the works. From what I have heard, it is
something like this: You can have so much bandwidth, but if you want a
consistent, guaranteed'll have to pay for it.

I have schmoozed the folks in the NOC and although they don't mind the
data going in, they do going out. This has kept me out of hot water...but
as NOAAPORT goes to 5 channels next year, with the "HDS" version doubling
in data...

I have already warned my boss that in 2002, we're going to have to get our
own satellite system. End of story. This will be tough for us. Very tough.
But as I see it, it may be the only way out. Bandwidth isn't getting any
cheaper for T3's and better. And 5 T1s inbound and 15 outbound for 3
relays? Whew.

I hope this won't happen. But the proposals are at UIUC and NIU. What I
want to know is: will we be punished for bringing this data in and
shipping it out? Sounds like it to me. The OC-3 we're getting has already
been split: A T3 for full-screen video/distance learning, and the rest we
battle for...

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