Re: debate over Linux and Solaris


My issue is that in many situations (especially where
groups with PC's have to go to Unix) people are automatically
pushed towards I said partly because of the hype.

As far as documentation goes..I went from knowing nothing
about Unix to now having a full-time job as a sysadmin..
A ton of that knowledge was found at  Solaris
comes with Answerbook..all the documentation you need..
no need for $1000 worth of CD's.  There are also plenty 
of good Solaris books out there.  Also there is so little
difference between Sparc and Intel Solaris that most of
the info on Sunsolve applies to both.

The 8GB limit on IDE drives in Solaris 7 was fixed in a
patch quite some time ago..and Solaris 8 doesn't have
that problem at all.  Solaris is really intended for SCSI

I won't argue on the hardware stinks. 

Solaris was never more than $99 for universities..
and it's less now.  The Solaris newsgroups are very helpful..
and there's tons of freeware.

Anyway I just wanted to take that opportunity to possibly
give an option to those folks just getting into Unidata
and/or Linux..and want to stick with PC's. 

Robert Mullenax

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