Re: NIU is down UFN...

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Simon Kissler wrote:

> The other reason we liked Solaris is because SUN does offer a support
> contract option for x86, which we have purchased and which makes it nice
> to have that backup of a vendor support team. Their support prices for
> educational contracts are far from unreasonable in their pricing from what
> I've seen from other vendors.
> -Simon

First, let me say that a patched version of LDM 5.1.3 by Anne "You Rock!"
Wilson at UNIDATA is now in my hands. It did compile, and there were at
least 4 things that 7.1 didn't like about it. So, I hope this does the
trick for now until some deeper library and other issues can be fully

I guess I will respond to some of this. In short, my experiences with
RedHat, in general, have been extremely positive. And, in general, my
experiences with Sun Solaris, and Sun technical support in the past has
been appalling. Thus, the switchover to Linux.

OK, so I was down. Why? Well, I do try to keep up with the latest OS's. I
was very happy with 6.2 but wanted to jump to 7.1. I had heard bad things
about 7.0 (which were true), but had been fixed in 7.1. Although learning
a ton of new things all at once wasn't a lot of fun, I do like a lot of
the stuff on this new version. Solaris had a lot of non-standard stuff
that didn't work a lot, or didn't do what it was supposed to. And on a
private on-campus Unix list, the yelling about Sun not putting out patches
timely when a security hole is discovered, or a patch when something
doesn't work, is almost deafening at times. No, thank you. At least for
me, my machines have been running great, except for the hard drive that
will be replaced next week, slowly dying after 2+ years of continuous
hammering. :-)

Anyway, quickly...I'm back up, and hopefully stable, as the ldmpqutils
have not been activated (I found out from Dave B. at COD that this was
likely causing my machine to bomb). So...we should be back up and stable
now. I'll monitor this weekend.

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